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    • Exporting single midi tracks from Sibelius 8.5

      Hey Guild,

      I am having difficulties exporting the midi of a single track from Sibelius 8.5 to use in Logic 9. Sib won’t allow me to export just one track in spite of soloing it/muting all the others. Even tried to do this from an extracted part. Still no go. This used to work in previous versions of Sib. When I import the Sib export to Logic 9, it comes in all wrong and has even crashed my Kontakt multis. No evidence anywhere on solutions for this on any forums. Any assistance would be hugely appreciated!



      Started by:  Katya Pine

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    • 8 months, 3 weeks ago

       Katya Pine

    • running 3 video screens Mac

      Hello, I am a new member, I was talking to another member about running 3 video monitors on a older Macpro (2008), there is a lot of info on the internet saying it cant work, yet my friend has 3 terminals running, assuming I would need a second video card, I think the issue is how to power it.He says there was a lot of discussion a couple of months ago on this site, did anyone save the link?



      Started by:  Andrew Winn

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    • 2 years, 1 month ago

       Andrew Winn

    • Studio Speakers

      Hi Guild,
      I’m looking to get a set of studio speakers and thought I’d start my research here. Is there a standard ‘go-to’ brand or type that the majority of people use. (eg- like the SM58 of mics, or the main 4 of DAW’s, etc)


      Started by:  jason

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    • 2 years, 3 months ago


    • Spectrasonics Heart of Africa

      Hello fellow composers,

      I’m a recent member and new to this forum. Looking forward to being a part of the discussions!

      I’m wondering if anyone happens to have a copy of the Spectrasonics sample libraries Heart of Africa volumes 1 and/or 2 in some kind of shareable format. I’m working on a project now that requires that flavour. I contacted Spectrasonics about these libraries and they said they’re a legacy product and only available as physical CDs. They ship from the U.S. and it could take 1-2 weeks. Unfortunately the turnaround on this project doesn’t allow me to wait that long. Wondering if someone has a copy they’d be willing to share with me in the meantime. I promise if I end up using any samples from it, I’ll buy the discs from Spectrasonics (happy to pay for products I use).

      Let me know. Also open to suggestions of other sample libraries that may contain South African vocal group/soloist samples. Thank you kindly!


      Started by:  David Arcus

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    • 2 years, 8 months ago

       Lou Natale

    • MusicXML Export in Logic Greyed Out. Help!

      Hi All,

      I cannot seem to get the MusicXML export option to work in Logic Pro X. Whenever I go to file>Export, the MusicXML option is always greyed out.

      I’ve tried having the score window open, the notes highlighted etc…and nothing seems to work. Any ideas? I have the latest update 10.3.

      Hope to hear back from someone!

      Started by:  Steven Webb

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    • 4 years, 4 months ago

       Iain Gardner

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