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    Composing for Video Games Seminar
    with Maxime Goulet

    On Saturday March 5th we welcome Maxime Goulet to Toronto!

    Maxime Goulet is a Montreal based composer who has been working in video games for more than 8 years who’s work includes The Amazing Spider Man, Dungeon Hunter, Iron Man 2, Brothers in Arms,2, Shrek Forever, and Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade.

    Maxime will cover how to create music that follows images which are constantly changing depending on a player’s performance, while maintaining consistency of experience. Using numerous audio and video examples of his video game scores, Goulet will focus on the “interactive” aspect of video game music. He will discuss the most important techniques used in interactive music creation, the defining characteristics of interactive music, how it works in-game, how to chose the most appropriate technique for each game, and more.

    Maxime will also cover aspects of the industry including his own career path, how to get a foot in the door, and more. 

    A Q and A will be held at the end of the session to cover any additional questions from the audience


    Inquiries: contact Tonya at tkdedrick at screencomposers dot ca

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