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    Geoff Bennett, Andre Hirz, Mary Margaret O’Hara -Canadian Screen Award Nominees

    TV: Best Original Music for a Non Fiction Program or Series – Moose: A Year in the Life of a Twig Eater


    Edited by Simon Servida


    Congratulations to SCGC member Geoff Bennett whose score for “Moose: A Year in the Life of a Twig Eater” has been nominated for a Canadian Screen Award in the category of “TV: Best Original Music for a Non Fiction Program or Series” alongside co-composers Andre Hirz and Mary Margaret O’Hara.


    “Moose: A Year in the Life of a Twig Eater” is a nature documentary that follows the life of a newborn calf and their mother. Filmed at Jasper National Park over the course of 13 months, Moose is a truly intimate and breathtaking documentary.


    SCGC: What was the biggest challenge you faced during this project?

    GB & AH: A few things, first, delivering the sheer volume of music required. There are three versions of the film and all are extremely music heavy. We delivered 39 minutes for a 43 minute Canadian version, 47 minutes to PBS Nature and over an hour for the BBC 2 version. Secondly, we wanted to explore a new and untried musical direction for us and to give this special film a unique voice. We did sound and timbre tests with some found objects, unique percussion, and prepared guitar set ups to create an exploratory phase with a lot of discussion and test writing before working to picture.


    SCGC: What makes this score unique?

    GB & AH: The use of human voice in a nature documentary is quite unusual.

    Mary Margaret O’Hara has a unique ability to vocalize as an instrument in the group and her improvisations have a nuanced vulnerable quality to them that reflected the Baby Moose’s personality so perfectly. It would be hard for us to imagine what other instrument could have achieved that so well. It is also the only nature documentary I know of where you will go away from it humming the score!


    SCGC: Did you have a personal reaction to your nomination?

    GB & AH: I was absolutely shocked and chuffed about it and it is truly an honour to be recognized for this work. We really feel incredibly fortunate. We always seem to be on the Jury side of things not the nominated side so this is a very welcome change.

    Also, the fact that it is TTG Music Lab’s 20th Anniversary this year makes it particularly meaningful.


    SCGC: What else is going on for you?

    GB & AH: We have released the Soundtrack for the film “ Twig Eater” by TTG Music Lab featuring Mary Margaret O’Hara on CD Baby, iTunes and Amazon and are considering pressing some vinyl.


    We are currently composing for another nature documentary by the same director as “Moose : A Year in the Life of a Twig Eater”  Susan Flemming, called “The Fantastic Mrs. Fox” and Episodes 78 to 104 of the updated reboot of the animated TV Series “Max and Ruby” for Corus Nelvana/Nick Jr.


    Listen to various full length tracks and clips from “Twig Eater” on CD Baby:



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