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    SCGC president John Welsman and past president Marvin Dolgay recently attended the Music Creators North America (MCNA) meeting in New York. The MCNA hosted the The International Council Of Music Authors (CIAM) Executive Committee and representatives of CIAM’s partner alliances from Latin America and Africa.

    CIAM’s mission is to protect and promote the rights of music creators around the world.

    “The agenda began with an update on the “work for hire” issue for film composers in the USA, before moving on to discuss recent events. These included the partial transfer of the UMPG catalogue from ASCAP to SESAC and the subsequent issues for creators that have arisen from the lack of information and transparency. An update on the discussion regarding Consent Decrees at the Department of Justice was presented, as well as an update on the latest recommendations of the US Copyright Office.”




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