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Welcome to The Christopher Dedrick Award for Live Musicians in Media Soundtracks application!

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It is easy to apply! Step one is basically all you need to do, write your statement, and send your bio and music.   You can’t win, if you don’t play 🙂

Always good to know about how it all works so have a read below and then submit your application.

Good luck!


You are requested to submit an application which consists of:



Whom do I contact if I have questions?

For any questions contact Tonya Dedrick at tkdedrick@screencomposers.ca

About Christopher Dedrick

Christopher Dedrick, the Guild’s Past President, started his career as a trumpet player and although he evolved into a superb electronic composer, he always felt that the presence of live musicians in a score was a major enhancement. This Fund was established in his memory by his wife Moira Dedrick, and its objective is to encourage and support the hiring and use of live musicians, and, by this to show their aesthetic value in media scores not only to composers, but also to producers. Hopefully, both composers and producers will become excited, involved, and perceptive about what live musicians can add to their projects, and find ways to include them in their productions.  Click here to visit website to read more about Chris Dedrick.

About the Ontario Arts Foundation

Established in 1991, the Ontario Arts Foundation (OAF) is passionately committed to building long-term support for the arts in Ontario. In 2013-14, the OAF paid out over $2.7 million in endowment income and $200,000 in awards and scholarships. The Ontario Arts Foundation manages the Christopher Dedrick Music Fund.

APPLICATION NOTE: Use the TAB key to navigate through each field to bottom of form and SUBMIT to complete process.


Great News! The submission date has been extended for SCGC's Canadian Screen Music Awards! You still have time to get your submission in. Submissions will now close JUNE 3rd! For more information please visit screencomposers.ca/awards

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