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Cue Sheet Palooza: Streamlining the Payment Process for Music Stakeholders

Cue Sheet Palooza is an initiative that aims to explore ways music creators and stakeholders can get paid their screen-based performance rights royalties faster and more precisely. We’re investigating the challenges they face throughout the Performing Rights royalty pipeline, and kickstarting innovations that will expedite a more accurate payment of performance rights royalties. 

So —  we’re hosting a Hackathon and inviting software developers to rethink and redefine how all the relevant data is collected and processed. Hackers, creators, designers, and coders will collaborate and compete using AI, XR, blockchain, analytics, and other state-of-the-art technologies — with guidance from our group of industry mentors — to build a prototype for a simpler,  effective platform around cue sheets and artist payments. 

Our goal is to free up a music creator's time to make music — and not spend hours on administrative work in order to get paid. 

After the marathon 24-hour session, a panel of industry judges will choose the winning teams, who will be awarded cash and sponsor prizes. The Cue Sheet Palooza Hackathon is set for Saturday and Sunday, Feb. 19-20, 2022 in Toronto, Canada. If, per COVID concerns, we need to transition to an online event, we will announce by January 5, 2022.

Interested hackers can apply here through January 31, 2022.


Brought to you by Canada Council of the Arts/ Conseil des Arts de Canada 
Partners: Screen Composers Guild of Canada, SOCAN, Songwriters Association of Canada, SPACQ, Music Publishers Canada, and Devpost.


  1. Do I need to pay any money to register for the Hackathon? No. 
  2. Do I need to have any specific qualifications to be a participant for the Hackathon? If you love to code, you are more than welcome to participate in the Hackathon.
  3. How do I submit what I have made for the Hackathon? You have to develop the application on your local system and submit it on HackerEarth in tar/zip file format along with instructions to run the application and source code.
  4. Do we need to have the entire idea fully working? The entire idea need not be fully implemented however, the submission should be functional so that it can be reviewed by the judges.
  5. Does one have to be available for the entire duration of the Hackathon? Since it is only a 24 hour event, you are advised to be available as much as possible the entire time
  6. Since there is no specific technology mentioned, are there any restrictions on using number of pre-built libraries? There is no restriction to use any language, technology stack, or libraries. You can use any of them to create the web/mobile application.
  7. Do I need to give a demo for the product that I have built? Yes, you need to submit a small presentation or video that demos your submission. You will be asked to demo your application at the Hackathon Presentations and Awards, details of which will be shared with sufficient advance notice.
  8. A fully developed application needs to have a solid backend for data storage like SQL, SharePoint etc. Is it accepted to show only the proto type of it? Yes it's absolutely fine to submit just the prototype. If you use any database like MySQL or PostgresSQL you can also submit a database dump along with your submission. However you are allowed to submit just the prototype.
  9. If it is a team submission, does that mean all team members will have access to work at the same time? Yes, all team members can login from their account and do application submission on Devpost. 
  10. Who will own the IP(Intellectual Property) Rights to the product that I have built? The developer/developers of the web/mobile application will have all rights and own the IP of the product. However, all code needs to be in the public domain (open source) so that it can be evaluated by the judges.
  11. Does Screen Composer’s Guild or SOCAN pay for Travel and Accommodation for participants traveling to Toronto? Meals, snacks, and drinks will be provided for the duration of the Hackathon, but we do not provide Travel or Accommodation. Hackers are welcome to work overnight at the Hackathon venue TBD?
  12. Credentials. All participants will get a Hackaton credential to wear for the Hackathon event to have access in and out of the building.

Great News! The submission date has been extended for SCGC's Canadian Screen Music Awards! You still have time to get your submission in. Submissions will now close JUNE 3rd! For more information please visit screencomposers.ca/awards

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