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Pitching A Custom Demo Reel
10:00AM – 12:00PM

with Composer Stephanie Copeland
& Director Chad Archibald

This interactive workshop will give composers the opportunity to create a customized demo reel from a provided brief to receive feedback from other composers and to be discussed with Stephanie and Chad during the workshop.

Composers will have a week (until end of day March 12th) to anonymously submit a one minute mp3 customized demo reel

From March 11th to 15th mp3s of the demo reels will be shared among composers for feedback and constructive criticism. Only constructive comments will be made available and discussed during the workshop. The goal of this workshop is to gain insight into how others hear your demo reel and to understand a director’s perspective on your music.

Here is the brief:
Genre: Mainstream Horror with a fun twist

Brief: High concept, fast-paced thriller about a trendy influencer who seems to be living the life, but things are not always what they seem… especially on social media.

Keywords: Romantic, perfection, idyllic,delusional, unstable, chaotic, turn-on-a-dime, suspense

References: “The Loved Ones”, “The Bachelorette”,”Misery”, “Hereditary”, “Evil Dead”(2013)

Notes: We’re really hoping to capture a theme both visually and audibly. We are emphasizing the contrast between the beautiful bubbly life people portray on social media juxtaposed with the nightmare of reality that people are really living in.  We want something that can turn on a dime and go from beautiful and romantic to suspenseful and terrifying.

We want to play with ideas of mixing the horrific and unique style of soundtracks like “Hereditary” and “EvilDead” (2013) with a stylized rendition of something you would hear in a rom com or “The Bachelor”.

Use this email to submit your reel: 



Submissions close for SCGC's Canadian Screen Music Awards on May 27th! For more information please visit screencomposers.ca/awards

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