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The Screen Composers Guild of Canada three levels of membership can be payed using one of the following methods.


Annual Fee

One-time Payment
Pay your membership fees online for this year only.


Automatic Yearly Payment
Your membership is automatically renewed each year.


You can send the Guild a cheque made to:
Screen Composers Guild of Canada
41 Valleybrook Drive Toronto ON M3B 2S6

Student Membership

For students enrolled in an educational institution (or have a recommendation from a current SCGC Professional member), and are interested in learning the next steps of pursuing a career as a AV composer.

$35.00Add to cart

Associate Membership

For recent graduates with relevant industry education seeking entry into the business (two year maximum term at this level) Associate Members receive the same benefits as Professional Members with the following exceptions:
  • Please note that you will not be able to vote at Members’ Meetings until you upgrade to Professional Membership.
  • Associate Members are eligible to apply for the SCGC’s Apprentice Mentor Program.

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Professional Membership

$150.00Add to cart

$150.00 / yearSubscription

  • The opportunity to attend and vote at the SCGC Annual General Meeting which supports the volunteer Board that represents composers to Government and Industry.
  • Access to the SCGC Members’ Extranet and its member Discussion List and Seminar videos
  • Invitations to all SCGC-produced Seminars and Events
  • Announcements of workshops and events in the industry
  • Automatic membership in the Members’ Advantage Program (MAP) which entitles SCGC members to discounts at selected merchants throughout Canada
  • Professional Members are eligible to apply for the SCGC’s Apprentice Mentor Program.
Pre-requisite: at least one professional on- screen media composing credit

Gold Membership

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$250.00 / year for 3 yearsSubscription

Gold Membership is designed for professionals who decide to give $100 additional support to the Guild towards the greater self-sustainability of the organization. SCGC Gold Members receive all benefits of the Professional membership category, plus:
  • Free or discounted admission to SCGC-produced seminars and events;
  • Your entire Gold Membership payment can be deducted as a business expense.

*Please Note: The Guild maintains a two-year maximum term for Associate level membership. Members renewing for their third year are required to upgrade their membership to Professional level. This motion was voted and passed at the 2010 AGM as a resolution recommended in order to keep the Guild focused on professional composing activities. The requirement of professional membership is simply one screen credit. We hope you will understand that the SCGC’s mission is to improve the quality of music for film, television and new media through the professional development of its members, and also to improve the status of music score composers through promotion, education and advocacy. Through educational seminars and events, it is the SCGC’s goal to assist members in developing themselves within the two-year time frame to be able to achieve a Professional level of membership.

NEW MEMBERS Individuals joining the Guild during the first six months of the year pay full year’s dues of their category. If joining in November or December you will be charged full fees, BUT the fees will count as payment for the following year as well (i.e., you will not be billed again in January).

Great News! The submission date has been extended for SCGC's Canadian Screen Music Awards! You still have time to get your submission in. Submissions will now close JUNE 3rd! For more information please visit screencomposers.ca/awards

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