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SCGC Mentorship Program  (MP)

(formerly the Apprentice / Mentor Program)

October 12, 2020 UPDATE:


As we all try to deal with the havoc COVID-19 has dealt with us, the Mentorship Program has yet again adapted. 

Last year’s MP program resulted in one-on-one Zoom sessions, which took down geographical barriers.
This year, instead of the regional speed dating Mixers, we will try our hand at virtual speed dating. 

We are holding an Onldine Mentorship Mixer to facilitate initial connections with interested Mentees applicants and potential Mentors.



• SCGC Members who have participated in a previous Mentorship year are not eligible to re-apply.
• Participation in the Online Mentorship Mixer does not guarantee acceptance into the MP.

• Participation in the Online Mentorship Mixer is recommended, but not mandatory for eligibility into the MP.


Interested Mentee applicants will be randomly assigned to Zoom breakout sessions where potential Mentors will be around to talk shop, and Mentees can get a feel for some potential Mentors.  Keep in mind, that not all mentors will necessarily attend this event, but it’s a great way to meet not only some potential mentors, but some other emerging composers as well.

We will aim to have 3 or 4 potential breakout sessions of 20 minutes each, so it’s important that you not be late for the start of the event.

Estimated Mixer duration:  90 minutes.

For more program information, please request to :

Nicholas Stirling, MP administration:
nstirling (at) goodmedia (dot) com

What is The Mentorship Program?

The MP is a legacy program unique in Canada, and entering its 19th year for 2020, allows us to provide opportunities for emerging composers starting out in the business to get some real, on-the-job training from real, working, professional composers.

The aim of the MP is to educate and advance the level of expertise of emerging film composer Mentees (apprentices).  Through one-on-one partnering with a veteran Screen Composer Mentor, the select Mentee is available to assist in many vital aspects of the Mentor’s composing and business activities during high-production periods.

The Mentor is able to select the timeline and duration of the placement to offer and benefit from this valuable skills exchange.  Mentee candidates are selected on a competitive basis.  The number of candidates that are accepted into the program vary from year to year, and from region to region, but we have accepted as many as 22 apprentices in previous years.

Why Should I be interested?

Through testimonials we’ve been told by many graduate Mentees and Mentors of the following benefits offered by this program and the experience:

These are some of the highlights possible with a tenure in the MP.
  Your experience awaits!

How do I qualify to apply?

To maintain a consistent standard of professionalism, both Mentors and Mentees must be current SCGC members in good standing at either the Associate or Professional level. Mentees shall have at least one (1) media credit (Film/TV, short, video, webisode, theatre etc). Mentors are veteran composers with their own studio & business for 3 or more years.

Does it cost me to get in?

No. There is no cost to apply for the program.

Can it lead to a job?

Yes, in many instances there have been part-time and full-time work opportunities which continued between Mentee and Mentor long after the program term had finished. (sometimes years!) The MP is there to foster a relationship as well as a learning experience, and we gladly advocate for participants to work together after the program ends, without further involvement from the SCGC.

When does the program start?

Each September/October, there is an official Call for Entries to both Mentees and Mentors in the SCGC membership. Specific terms commence after assessment and selection of candidates, usually between October and the following May 31st.

Who decides the candidates?

The MP Committee, chaired by 2nd Vice-President Darren Fung, convenes each year to thoroughly review all applications and make final selections for both Mentee and Mentor candidates. The Committee members alternate each year and include 3-4 veteran composers nationally from the SCGC membership.

Applicants will need to submit the following :

Thank You For Your Interest!

There are over four hundred composers in the Screen Composers Guid of Canada, working in a range of styles and a variety of media! #composer #SCGC

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