Update 2.4 March 2020

The SCGC is committed to making it easy for producers to work with our members.
The “Model Contract Version 2.1.1” is a set of newly updated tools to help you negotiate
your next deal in the current marketplace.

In addition to a “Quick Start Manual” this ZIP file contract assembly consists of :

  • template contract 2.4 agreement
  • deal memo
  • song license document
  • annotations documents

All of them are as up-to the minute as possible with the latest terms, practices and conditions culled from as many agreements that the SCGC Board and membership could find. It has been updated by a committee of experienced composers and music supervisors with gracious assistance from the legal department of SOCAN.

NOTE : This contract template is not a substitute for competent, independent legal advice. The SCGC accepts no legal liability for the use of any contract wording suggested or included in this document.

SCGC Model Contact Committee

SCGC Model Contract V2.4 March 2020

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