For the learner

This new initiative from the SCGC provides a crucial educational link between music school and the real world of professional screen composing. The courses are designed to help fill in any learning gaps, allow access to established composers’ expertise and strengthen each learner’s pathway to success. For more advanced learners, they provide an opportunity to discover and discuss new ideas and workflows with other talented colleagues.

Each course is designed to last four weeks and is personally created by the instructor to reflect their experience in the field. The SCGC also makes every effort to offer them at an accessible price.

What to expect

Academy sessions are held in the composer’s studio to place learners in a real working environment. Groups are kept small with fewer than eight people on each course to ensure time for personal instruction and feedback. Learners also have the chance to hear and discuss the work being created by their peers and classes may be attended online if necessary.

Each learner will need to have their own basic mobile composition setup including a laptop or small computer they can transport, headphones, external hard drive with instrument libraries, and a licensed copy of Logic or ProTools.

Course format

Whether learners are first-time or experienced composers, the SCGC Academy aims to provide beginner, intermediate and advanced classes to suit. Space allowing, up to six learners can be in the composer’s studio together. The in-person option will be offered to those that register first with others joining on-line.

The total number of learners will not exceed eight and each course comprises the following:

  • Four classes
  • 1.5 hours instruction per session
  • A free 30 minute online introduction covering equipment and learning questions to get started
  • No make-up classes (it’s a short commitment)
  • Price is just $299 per course for members (be sure to log in before purchase)

Available Workshops

SCGC Academy courses are offered on a first come, first serve basis and we expect a high level of interest so recommend learners act promptly.

Click the workshop link above to register and pay.

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For the instructor

Become a paid academy instructor

Lessons should take place in the casual setting of the composer’s own studio where learners can experience and spend time in the workspace. Courses should follow a basic learning structure to move through the topic efficiently but should also retain enough flexibility to offer advice as new questions arise.

If composers wish to provide learning materials they may do so, but this isn’t a requirement.

Class structure

Each course requires a minimum of five learners to start and if space allows, up to six can be in the studio at any one time. A further two learners can join online making eight people the largest class size. The SCGC will handle all the promo eBlasts, student sign-ups and fee payments, so composers only need to handle the lesson diary and content.

Suggested course content

Some proposals for course topics are provided below but composers are free to suggest other topics if they believe it might be of interest.

Please also consider the complexity level in each case and advise the SCGC whether the course is suitable for basic, intermediate or advanced learners.

  • The mixing chain (eq, compression, reverb, delay)
  • Mixing orchestral libraries
  • Using libraries for logic and protools
  • Making MIDI sound better
  • Storytelling in music
  • Analogue synthesis
  • Recording and mixing live instruments
  • Melody and themes
  • Grooves and beats
  • Meter, tempo and rhythm
  • Music modes for tropes
  • 3D orchestration
  • Composing for drama, comedy and action
  • Composing for animation and musicals
  • Composing for reality TV and documentaries
  • Composing for video games
  • Composer tools (CueDB, Soundly,
  • Collaborating with other composers
  • Working on TV schedule (six days for 30-40 minutes of music)
  • PR, social media and soundtrack releases

Signing up

Interested instructors should review the suggested topic list and consider a range of dates and times for their course. Contact with any questions and complete the application form.

Please apply now at


Click to download the SCGC Academy brochure.