Andrew Lockington

Andrew Lockington is known for the epic scale of the blockbuster films he’s worked on, as well as the incredible lengths he goes to to capture his sounds – things like venturing into the deepest jungle or risking injury and death to dismantle a piano. But make no mistake – these sonic explorations are matched by his beautiful and evocative orchestral writing, and when you add all that to his humble, curious, and down to earth nature, it quickly becomes obvious as to why he’s one of the top composers in Hollywood. We explore all of these facets and more in this wonderful conversation, including how he got his start assisting Mychael Danna, his fascinating career trajectory and how he went all-in to get his first big break, how he has found success with a diverse range of collaborators and projects, and how he thinks about sound and finds new perspectives that are the drivers of his work and growth as an artist.

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