Ari Posner

At first, Winnipeg-born Ari Posner set out to build a career as a songwriter. After discovering that perhaps his abilities as a lyricist did not match his musical gifts, he moved into the fast-paced world of ads, which gave him the training to work in myriad styles and deliver on a deadline. Now, he is one of Canada’s most respected and prolific screen composers.

In collaboration with Amin Bhatia, he has scored award winning hit shows such as Anne with an E, Flashpoint, and X Company, and with Ian Lefeuvre shows including Carter, Johnny Test, and Supernoobs. In this episode, we talk about his stirring solo work on Northern Rescue, and get philosophical about the long-term effects that the pandemic has had on his working life, the upsides of having a studio in a commercial space, working remotely, and ask: “is the spotting session dead?”

We also dig into his methods for capturing and re-purposing ideas, using the “mirror test”, the amount of emotional information a scene can have and how music fits into that, dealing with client feedback, when collaboration goes wrong, plus an incredible insight about screen music from Canadian acting icon Colm Feore.

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