The Chan Brothers

Brian and Caleb Chan bring a high level of emotional intelligence to everything they do, and believe that a focus on that growth is critical to success in both life and creative business. When you understand that their attention to the inner world carries over into the work they do as musicians and storytellers, you realize it’s no accident that they’ve been so successful. They also seem to avoid being pigeonholed, and their work spans from the horror of Sam Raimi’s 50 States of Fright, to the preschool fare of Hatchimals, to TV romances like A Homecoming for the Holidays. The brothers have diverged and come together a few times over the years, collaborating all the while as they each followed unique but parallel musical paths. While Caleb studied composition at the University of Toronto, Brian earned a Masters in Sound Recording at McGill. Now, their complementary strengths blend beautifully, and by all accounts, they’re just getting started. We chat about their early days in Hong Kong and Canada, how they work as a team, the joys and challenges of their diverse slate, and how a recent flurry of work has made them much more intentional about their approach, with an eye toward balance and sustainability.

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