Eimear Mac Carrick

Eimear MacCarrick is an Irish-Canadian composer and music editor, who has been working in the screen industry for almost 10 years.

Since she started composing in 2018, Eimear has composed music for over 20 short films and in 2023 she had the opportunity to write additional music for UK Channel 5’s “The Good Ship Murder”. Other notable projects include “Hellmark” which was nominated for a Leo Award for Best Musical Score in a Short Drama in 2024, “My Roommate Ahriman” which premiered at Whistler International Film Festival 2023 and Virgin Media funded short film, “Unhinged”, which premiered at Dublin International Film Festival 2023. Her music editing experience spans a variety of projects from TV series to feature films which have appeared on Nickelodeon, Apple TV, and Crave.

Top Credits

My Roommate Ahriman, Hellmark (Leo Nominated Score), The Good Ship Murder, Unhinged


Animation, Comedy, Documentary, Drama, Experimental, Horror, Video Games


Arranger, Composer, Music Editor, Music Producer, Sound Designer






Eimear has a diploma in piano from the Victorian College of Music & Drama. In 2021, she completed a diploma program in Audio & Music Production for Visual Media with Berklee College of Music. In summer 2022, Eimear travelled to Greece to record with an orchestra under the guidance of Richard Bellis through the Screen Composer Academy. In December 2022, Eimear was selected to attend SOCAN’s Screen Music Lab for Emerging Composers in Toronto. In 2023, Eimear was selected to participate in the Canadian Academy’s Women In Post Program.

Eimear’s music draws inspiration from her background in classical piano and Irish traditional music. Her mission is to bring stories to life by helping directors realise their artistic vision. She’s passionate about stories that encourage change for the better, by inspiring us to look at ourselves as a society.

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