Jonathan Alexander

Hi, my name's Jonathan! I'm a Canadian composer, multi-instrumentalist producer, and classically trained jazz musician of Cantonese and Scottish heritage…

My musical journey began from the age of five, rigorously training in the art of classical piano and cultivating a keen sense of technicality within the Royal Conservatory of Music. However, during my rebellious teenage years, my growing impatience with the classical world led me to stumble upon the improvisatory universe of jazz, thus I became a conservatory drop-out eager to explore new forms of music.

The following years unfolded into a musical voyage of multicultural discovery: from learning japanese fusion jazz piano to suddenly picking up finger-style and flamenco guitar; then from learning traditional Chinese erhu to cooking up hip-hop beats and mastering digital audio production; in other words, I was developing into a musical polyglot.

As for composition, my journey began in Vancouver at the University of British Columbia. I initially enrolled to study computer science, however, after joining a Game Development Club, my discovery of scoring for interactive media prompted my immediate conversion to studying music full-time. I eventually settled at the University of Lethbridge, a modest school allowing the freedom to rent and learn every instrument in the orchestra, thus fueling my multi-instrumentalist addiction.

During my studies, I have continued scoring for award-winning student games and animations while simultaneously training in concert music under the direction of Dr. Arlan N. Schultz.

After my forty hours of daily music practice, I enjoy climbing rocks, gymnastically tumbling, and programming machines to do my bidding.


Action, Animation, Documentary, Drama, Video Games


Composer, Music Producer, Orchestrator, Programmer, Songwriter