Event: The Music of Carbon – The Unauthorised Biography

08 Mar 2023

On March 3, 2023, we held a unique live-streamed event that saw director Niobe Thompson and composer Jonathan Kawchuk draw back the curtain on the creation of the ambitious score for the feature length documentary “Carbon: The Unauthorized Biography”.

Featuring an orchestra and choir performing to picture, we were able to discover what goes into the making of a modern documentary score, and experience the power of musicians breathing life into the cues. Along the way, host Adrian Ellis drew out untold tales of the creative process from Kawchuk and Thompson, as well as the techniques and approaches that went into making this remarkable score.

The video of this event is now available to view for those who were not able to attend. It will be of special interest to directors, producers, composers, musicians, and anyone interested in the challenges of marrying image and live-recorded sound in documentary film.


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