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Norman Ludwin & Toronto Ravel

09 Mar 2015

Event Details:
An all-day workshop with Toronto Ravel’s John Herberman and returning guest
UCLA  instructor, composer, orchestrator, bassist and author Dr. Norman Ludwin

March 31st 2015


Morning Session   (Toronto Ravel study)

  • a continuation of our in-depth study of John Williams’ “Star Wars Suite”
  • Special presentation by composer Amin Bhatia and trumpeter Mike Malone; “Sergei Prokofiev – His Brilliance and His Thieves”, exploring the strong influence of Prokofiev on the film music of some prominent composers.  Prepare to be “shocked and appalled”…

Afternoon Session  (guest Dr. Norman Ludwin)

  • Focus on Strings”  – an in-depth look at how Hollywood scores for strings, and an overview of the book that all participants will receive with their registration
  • “The Techniques and Genius of John Williams” – Dr. Ludwin will present a number of JW’s film scores with a focus on his particular approach to composition and orchestration
  • “Writing With Hexachords” – Hexachords are six note scales that lay the groundwork for chromatic writing. Dr. Ludwin will show examples of hexes, modulations, and will present an analysis of the technique of writing with these materials. This is a real eye opener…

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Member Emily Klassen on SOCAN ‘Music in Film/TV’ panel


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