04 Mar 2019

Saturday, March 16th, 2019
9:30am registration
Canadian Music Centre*
20 St. Joseph Street
Toronto, ON

Event Details:

Pitching a Customized Demo Reel

10:00AM – 12:00PM
With Composer Stephanie Copeland
& Director Chad Archibald

This interactive workshop will give composers the opportunity to create a customized demo reel from a provided brief to receive feedback from other composers and to be discussed with Stephanie and Chad during the workshop.
Composers will have until March 8th to anonymously submit a one minute mp3 customized demo reel.
From March 11th to 15th mp3s of the demo reels will be shared among composers for feedback and constructive criticism. Only constructive comments will be made available and discussed during the workshop. The goal of this workshop is to gain insight into how others hear your demo reel and to understand a director’s perspective on your music.
Click here to submit your reel!

BIO:  Steph Copeland is a Canadian screen composer and producer best appreciated for her work on horror and sci-fi feature films (I’ll Take your Dead, The Heretics, Let Her Out, Bed of The Dead, Bite, Antisocial 1 and 2 +) as well as series’ (Echappe-toi si tu Peux, Kristal Clear +) trailers and commercials (Anne of Green Gables, Mina, Pan-Am Games +) As music director… read more
BIO:  Chad Archibald is the creator and co-owner of the Canadian production companies Black Fawn Films and Black Fawn Distribution. Along with producing over 20 feature films, Archibald has directed 8 feature films to date, which include NeverlostEjecta and The Drownsman. In 2015, Archibald directed the insect body-horror film BITE, which erupted into the festival circuit after ambulances were called to it’s sold out world premiere at Fantasia International Film Festival due to a number of people fainting…read more.

Music & Sound for Games: Part of the Gaggle

1:00PM – 2:45PM
With Composer Jake Butineau
& Sound Designer Alex Metcalfe


This workshop will focus on the collaborative nature of composing music and creating sound FX for games from the perspective of a composer & sound designer who are team collaborators that go beyond simply supplying audio assets. Working in the music for film & TV world can be very different from game audio not because of the music that is composed but because the way music & sound in games is part of a very different collaborative team process.

BIO: Jake Butineau is a video game composer based in Toronto, ON. Jake’s current projects include “Super Animal Royale”, a cartoony shooter for up to 64 adorable animals, available on Steam Early Access; and “Destiny’s Sword”, a sci-fi strategy MMO with a focus on the mental health of soldiers, releasing late-2019. Jake is also a content creator, making Game Music Discussion videos on YouTube and hosting The Game Music Podcast.

BIO:  Alex Metcalfe is a Sound Designer from Toronto. His work on games such as Super Animal Royale (2018) and Auditorium (release date tba) focuses on building up the game-world and the systems that support it.
His musical work in Toronto band Waxlimbs and solo music under the name Feyla have allowed Alex to develop his skills as an interdisciplinary collaborator.

Game Audio Implementation: From DAW to Game Engine

3:00PM – 5:00PM
With Mike Romaniak


This workshop will aim to answer these questions: What is the process of taking music in a DAW to having it play in a game? How does middleware play a role in this process? Is it important for composers who are interested in composing for games to know middleware, audio implementation, and even programming?

BIO: Mike Romaniak currently teaches Interactive Music and Sound for Video Games at the University of Toronto, where he works as a Sessional Lecturer in the Music Technology & Digital Media program. He holds a Master of Music in Composition degree from Central Michigan University (CMU), where he studied composition and orchestration with David Gillingham… read more



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