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Edo Van Breeman Scored the film “Hello Destroyer” screening at VIFF

27 Sep 2016

Congratulations to SCGC member Edo Van Breeman who scored the film “Hello Destroyer”. The film has been selected to screen at the Vancouver International Film Festival on October 1st and 6th!
“Embarrassed by the scoreboard and emasculated by his coach (Kurt Max Runte), junior hockey player Tyson Burr (Jared Abrahamson) attempts to uphold the game’s unwritten code by sending a message to the opposition. Instead, a reckless hit sees this introverted grinder suspended and banished from his band of brothers…”

“Funk has created one of the most pointed, poignant, and subtly unnerving films about Canada’s tenuous relationship to its unofficial national sport and greatest pastime.”—Andrew Parker, Toronto Film Scene…
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Steph Copeland scored the film “Let Her Out” screening at the Calgary Film Festival


“Manchester By The Sea” scored by Leslie Barber is screening at three Film Festivals!