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Steph Copeland scored the film “Let Her Out” screening at the Calgary Film Festival

27 Sep 2016

SCGC member Steph Copeland scored the horror film “Let Her Out” from Black Fawn Films. The film will be screening at the Calgary International Film Festival on September 24th and 28th!
“After suffering a traumatic head injury, bike courier Helen (Alanna LaVierge) awakens in the hospital. Experiencing blackouts, hallucinations, strange voices and night terrors, she learns that she has a benign growth in her brain. As the symptoms worsen, the dark visions manifest as a twisted female stranger who haunts Helen during her recovery. Finally buckling under the stress, Helen breaks into manic psychotic episodes that threaten her relationships. She struggles to understand what is happening to her, ultimately discovering a horrifying truth that has followed her throughout her life.”

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