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The Screen Composer’s Studio – Amin Bhatia (Premiering July 15, 2020)

15 Jul 2020

In this episode, we speak to Amin Bhatia, who is probably best known for his award winning work on the massive hit series’ Flashpoint, and Anne with an E, which he co-composed with his longtime writing partner, Ari Posner.  Amin’s life story is worthy of its own movie, including narrow escapes from a violent African dictator, going from being a self-proclaimed “nerd” recording analog synth epics alone in his basement in Calgary to making an appearance on one of the biggest pop albums of all time, and the truly weird, risky, and hilarious way he wrote the theme for a show that would earn him an Emmy nomination.  We chat about his ups and downs, and how this unstoppable optimist deals with disappointment, and why I end up calling him “the comeback kid”.  Passionate and humble, this talented, multiple Gemini  and Canadian Screen Award winner is also one of the kindest and generous people I know, who notes that through it all he draws strength from his actor wife, Danielle Nicole, and daughters Angie and Kel, who are also pursuing careers in music and storytelling.


The Screen Composer’s Studio


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