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The Screen Composer’s Studio – Mark Korven (Premiering July 29, 2020)

29 Jul 2020

In this episode I’ll be chatting with Mark Korven, whose long and successful career recently skyrocketed with the wild success of The Witch, and more recently, The Lighthouse, both of which he worked on with film making maverick, Robert Eggers.  Mark says his greatest fear is being boring, and the lengths he goes to prevent this have yielded amazing results, including his invention of anew musical instrument in The Apprehension Engine, to his recent move to “free scoring”, where he doesn’t use a metronic click or measures to guide composition.  We trace Mark’s journey from The Beatles, Punk, Prog Jazz and Pop, to Thomas Newman, from Winnipeg to Edmonton and finally Toronto where he worked on the sci-fi horror cult-hit Cube, to recent outings In The Tall Grass on Netflix, and AMC’s The Terror: Infamy.  This Gemini and Genie award winning multi-instrumentalist is blazing his own path, breaking the rules as he goes along, and creating some of the most striking scores as he does it.


The Screen Composer’s Studio – Amin Bhatia (Premiering July 15, 2020)


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