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The Screen Composer’s Studio – Red Heartbreaker (Premiering July 28th, 2021)

28 Jul 2021

Red Heartbreaker is featured on this week’s episode of ‘The Screen Composer’s Studio’!

Classically trained as a vocalist, Red got her start in cabaret and musical theater before she was bitten by the film scoring bug-a craft she says “combines all of the things”. She and her musical partner Maya Saxell won a Leo Award for their work on Charlotte’s Song, a first in the category for female composers. She also received a Leo nod for her music for White Raven, which she scored using only the human voice. We talk about the challenges of the music business and her time as a singer-songwriter. She discusses the film she could score for the rest of her life, innovating her process, and what the pressures of the pandemic have revealed for her, musicians, and the community.

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Vol. 9 No.2 – Summer 2021